Why can't I find my account number in ZEN app?


Why can't I see SWIFT IBAN (International Bank Account Number) in my ZEN app? Why can't I see my Polish account number in the ZEN app?


If you sign up at ZEN using a Ukrainian ID or Passport, it will not be possible to receive IBAN (International Bank Account Number) for SWIFT transfers. In such a case, SWIFT transfers to your Ukrainian ZEN account, and SWIFT transfers from your Ukrainian ZEN account to other banks will not be possible. However, you will receive all other benefits we provide, such as instant cashback, top-ups with the card, ZEN Buddies, transfers via PrivatMoney, SEPA EUR transfers, and many many more. If a citizen of Ukraine signs up at ZEN using a residence permit issued by one of the jurisdictions permitted for registering in ZEN during the onboarding process, they will have account numbers and the option to send and receive SWIFT transfers.

Polish account numbers for local transfers in PLN are available to customers verified with a Polish ID card or passport. If your account has been verified with a Polish driver's license or residence card, the Polish account number will not be available on your ZEN account. If you have a Polish ID card or passport, you can update the document on your account.

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