Top up your ZEN account with BLIK


Can I deposit to my account using BLIK?



Remember that according to ZEN Terms for Individual and Business Users, you can top-up your account only with a payment instrument issued in your name and surname. Topping up your ZEN account using other people's methods, like another person's BLIK code, may result in account blocking. If you need to receive funds to ZEN from other persons, please use ZEN Buddies, Bank Transfers, or Card Transfers available in the app.

To top up your ZEN account using BLIK:

  1. Open the ZEN app and go to the left screen with a summary of currencies on your account.

  2. Tap on a PLN currency, and then on "Top up". Using BLIK you can only fund your account in Polish zloty.
  3. Tap on the menu to find possible ways to deposit funds and enter the top-up amount. A minimum amount of deposit via BLIK is 29 PLN.
  4. Select BLIK from the list provided.


    If you cannot see BLIK as a top-up method, please see: I don't see a particular top-up method in my app.

  5. Enter the 6-digit BLIK code provided by the service provider (in the bank's or financial institution's app) with which you are depositing.

  6. Confirm your BLIK payment using the service with which you are depositing.
  7. Your account should be funded instantly after confirming the transaction in the BLIK service.

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