I've got a message "We have to close your account"


Why are you terminating my account? What is the reason for closing the account?


Following the results of regular activity review on your account, we may decide to permanently close your account in accordance with ZEN Terms for Individual Users. If a decision to terminate your account is made, you will be notified via email accordingly. We understand that you may have other expectations, but the decision made is final.

In the above email, we usually disclose the reason for closing the account (specific clause of ZEN Terms for Individual Users). The most common reasons are:

  • installation of remote device management applications (e.g. AnyDesk, TeamViewer),
  • opening an account at ZEN at the request of others,
  • installing and using ZEN app on devices of other persons,
  • using an individual ZEN account for business-related activities,
  • other material breaches of our safety recommendations.

However, in accordance with our policy and applicable law, in some cases, the reason for account closure unfortunately cannot be disclosed.

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