My one-time SMS password is not coming


I cannot log in to ZEN because SMS with code is not being delivered. What to do?


If you're not receiving the code to log in to the ZEN app, please check the following:

  • Verify if there are any restrictions for receiving SMS on the device messaging app (messages from unknown senders or automatic senders may be blocked).
  • Turn off additional software that may be running in the background, like VPN programs, network filtering software, etc.
  • Delete older messages from the mobile phone to confirm there's enough space available.
  • Check if the messages were routed to the spam folder if there's one on your device.
  • Restart the device to refresh the connection to the network operator.
  • Insert the SIM card into another device to rule out a faulty device.
  • Contact your phone number operator to check if they have any technical issues or if they're blocking the messages from automatic senders and SMS gateways.

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