Connect ZEN account to a ByBit account


How to connect a ZEN account to a ByBit account?


Before connecting, make sure the following data are exactly the same both in ZEN and ByBit accounts:

  • Phone number,
  • E-mail address,
  • Names and surnames,
  • Document used.

If the data above does not match on your accounts, updating it will be needed.

You can connect your ZEN account to your ByBit account while depositing or withdrawing EUR, GBP, PLN, or RON currencies in ByBit via ZEN as described in this article about depositing to ByBit (external link) and this article about withdrawals from ByBit (external link).

When depositing funds to ByBit on this page (external link), or withdrawing funds from ByBit on this page (external link), make sure the currency is set to EUR, GBP, PLN, or RON, and the payment method is set to ZEN.

Then, follow the instructions on the ByBit website and ZEN app to connect your accounts.

See also: Changing your phone number, Change email address linked to your account

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