I see a message "Enforcement of an obligation" in ZEN app


I've received a notification from ZEN about the enforcement of an external obligation. What does it mean and how can I check the details of an obligation?


If you receive a notification about seizing funds on your account to enforce the indicated debt, it means that ZEN has received a request from your creditor to satisfy a debt. As a licensed financial institution, ZEN is legally obligated to retain the balances in your account for future transfer to the creditor, whether it be a public entity or to the account specified by the court.


Funds seizure is not enabled by the request of ZEN but by the request of the Creditor. It can be the Lithuanian Tax Office, Social Security, or any Lithuanian public administration office and Courts as a result of a judicial process.

To check the details of an outstanding obligation:

  1. Log in to the ZEN app.
  2. Press the "Go to the account" button on the notification shown in the Wallet screen:

  3. The ZEN app will take you to the account for which we received the request to seize funds. Press on the "Outstanding obligations" banner, to see the details of the request we received:

  4. Details of the request will appear, including the original amount in EUR, already seized funds, executive authority, case signature from the authority, and commitment date.

To receive further information about the debt (or to remove the blockade), you should contact the appropriate Creditor with the case signature shown in the outstanding obligations' details in the ZEN app. ZEN is unable to take any action in this matter as we have a legal obligation to execute the seizure of funds and transfer them if we do not receive a release order within the timeframe specified by law.

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