Opening a new ZEN account after closing the old one


Can I open a new ZEN account after I close the old account? Can I open a new ZEN account if I received the email "We have to close your account" from ZEN?


If you decide to close your own ZEN account, you may submit a new account application after your previous account is closed (there is a one-month notice effective at the end of the next month). Please make sure your identity documents and country are supported for new account creation in this article.

If you receive the message "We have to close your account" from us, it means that ZEN, based on the results of regular activity review on your account, decided to close your account following ZEN Terms for Individual Users. If the account is closed by ZEN, it means that it is closed permanently. Currently, there is no procedure that would allow you to reopen the account after a certain period, or use other personal data (including phone number or e-mail address) to open a new account in such case. Please follow this article for any updates regarding this process.

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