Withdrawing cash using "Pay by card and withdraw" service in Poland


How can I withdraw cash while paying for my purchase in-store in Poland?


By using your ZEN Mastercard® for everyday purchases, you can withdraw up to 1000 PLN daily in Poland. How it works:

  1. When paying for purchases with ZEN Mastercard, inform the seller that you would like to withdraw cash.
  2. The withdrawal amount will be added to the purchase value.
  3. For security, the transaction is confirmed with a PIN code, and you will receive the money immediately.

There's no fee for withdrawing cash this way. You can use the "Pay by card and withdraw" service at any point marked with the following service logos:

Look for these logos on:

  • The entrance doors of stores,
  • Card terminals,
  • Cash registers.

Make sure you have the correct transaction limits set in the ZEN app before withdrawing cash.

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