My bank transfer from ZEN to Ukraine did not arrive to recipient


I sent a transfer to a Ukrainian card or Ukrainian account number from ZEN, but it did not arrive. What happened?


If you transferred money from ZEN to Ukraine using PrivatMoney, please check in which bank the recipient has their account open:

  • If the recipient's account is in PrivatBank: they will receive the transfer in the same currency that was sent from ZEN (e.g. transfer in USD will arrive at the recipient's PrivatBank USD account or card - if a recipient has an account in the relevant currency).
  • If the recipient's account is in any other Ukrainian bank (Monobank, A-Bank, Sense Bank, Universal Bank, etc.): they will receive the transfer in hryvnia (UAH). Please make sure the recipient checks their UAH account to see the transfer from ZEN. See also: What is the exchange rate for money transfers via PrivatMoney?


If you're sending funds in EUR to a Ukrainian account number that supports SEPA transfers (for example, Monobank), funds will be sent via SEPA from ZEN. SEPA transfer may take 1-3 working days to be delivered to the recipient.

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