Using multiple chats with ZEN Support Team


How do multiple conversations work in ZEN Support Chat? 


Please remember

When using ZEN Support Chat:

  • If you have a chat that has not been resolved, please add any comment related to that request in the relevant chat, instead of creating a new conversation.
  • If you have any new questions, unrelated to already created cases, please feel free to create a new conversation.
  • During service incidents, we may respond slower than usual. We understand that you expect quick replies and we're working to handle all questions as soon as possible.

An upgrade was implemented to the ZEN Support Chat! Starting now, we support hosting multiple chats in the ZEN app in cases where you report more than 1 request to us. Thanks to multiple conversations,  cases will no longer be mixed in 1 chat - instead, each case will have its own chat.


This feature is currently available in the ZEN mobile app. Support for multiple chats in the ZEN Web Portal is coming soon. For now, chats created in the ZEN app will not show up in the ZEN Web Portal. Update the ZEN app in the App Store or Google Play to get started.

To use new ZEN Support Chats:

  1. Log in to the ZEN mobile app.
  2. Go left to the app home screen and press the button in the top left corner.

  3. Select "ZEN support".

  4. Click "Chat with us".

  5. A summary of all chats will appear with the name of an Agent to which the case is assigned, the date, and the content of the last message. If you see "ZEN" in the name field, it means the case is currently assigned to our Support Bot.
  6. Click "New conversation" to start a new chat, or choose an existing thread to continue the already reported case, just like in similar messaging apps.

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