Using ZEN Web Portal to manage Business account


Who can use the ZEN Web Portal? What can I do via ZEN Web Portal?


The ZEN Web Portal is available only to ZEN Business account holders. If you have a ZEN Individual account, please use the ZEN Mobile App to access it.

Upon logging in to ZEN Web Portal, you will see a Banking section with a summary of available funds across all your currency accounts. In the bottom right corner, you always have easy access to the ZEN Customer Support chat.

On the left side, you will see different sections of the Web Portal.

Expand the details below to see details of each section:


Main portal dashboard with a summary of funds available on your currency accounts.


This section is split into several parts:

  • Account list - the full list of currencies available on your Business account, and an available balance of each currency.
  • Statements - generated on demand, summaries of transactions made through your ZEN Business account in a particular currency and a particular month.
  • Reconciliation - matching of processed Transactions with Settlement amounts received from the relevant Acquirers and/or Payment Method Providers.
  • All transactions - full transaction history of your Business account, with filtering options for narrowing down the results.

Settings of payment cards issued for your ZEN Business account with the option to order new ones.


This section is split into several parts:

  • New transfer - order a new transfer from your account to another ZEN account or another bank.
  • Recipients - browse and edit the list of your saved recipients of bank transfers.
  • Transfers for approval - when ordering many transfers, you may send them for later simultaneous approval instead of having to enter multiple SMS confirmation codes for every separate transfer.

Please note

Card transfers and cryptocurrency transfers are only available in the ZEN Mobile App - they're not available in the ZEN Web Portal yet.


Summary of additional benefits coming from your ZEN Business subscription, such as Extended Warranty, Shopping Protection, and more!

Store name (if ZEN Payment Gateway is enabled on your account)

Settings related to your ZEN Payment Gateway connected to your e-commerce store. See more in this article: Using ZEN Web Portal to manage Payment Gateway settings.

Add store

A form that allows you to apply for a ZEN Payment Gateway for your e-commerce store. See the requirements for stores in this article: Applying for a ZEN Payment Gateway for your e-commerce store

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