Using ZEN Web Portal to manage Payment Gateway settings


How can I update or change settings of ZEN Payment Gateway linked to my e-commerce store?


To update your e-commerce store settings, you need to log in to the ZEN Web Portal available at

Then, choose your store name on the left side of the screen:

If you have more than 1 store connected to your account, you will need to select the store you're interested in from the list.

Then, your E-commerce panel will show up with your store options on the left side:

Expand the section you're interested in to learn more:


Click the "Banking" button to go back to the main Banking panel of your ZEN Business account.

Your store name

Click on your store name to quickly switch between multiple stores (if you have more than 1 store on your account).


In this section, you may see the history of payments in your e-commerce store from the last 6 months. Search for payments using your client's e-mail, Transaction ID, Reference ID, or Card PAN to find the transaction you're interested in. You may also use an arrow next to the search button to enable additional filters to your search, such as date, amount, currency, payment channel, transaction type, or transaction status:

When viewing specific payment details on the screen shown above, you may refund the transaction back to the payment method used by your client. This way, you can independently manage your store's returns.


In this section, you may generate authorization and settlement reports of transactions via your ZEN Payment Gateway from any date. A single report can summarize transactions made through your Payment Gateway during a maximum of 31 days. If you need a report from more distant dates, create several separate reports for each 31 days.

You may also generate reports for transactions older than 6 months, which do not show up in the "Payments" section anymore.  Reports are available to download for 30 days after generating.

Store settings

In this section, you may manage payment methods available in your e-commerce store, update the API credentials for integrating ZEN Payment Gateway in your store, and apply to our cashback program, which promotes making payments in your store in exchange for a return of funds to your clients' ZEN account for every purchase.

Please note

Available payment methods depend on the following:

  • Your Merchant Category Code (MCC), which is set based on your company's industry and the type of goods or services provided by your business.
  • Your Company's registration country.

To learn more about integrating ZEN Payment Gateway with your E-commerce store, we invite you to visit our website dedicated to Developers.

Add store

A form that allows you to apply for a ZEN Payment Gateway for your e-commerce store. See the requirements for stores in this article: Applying for a ZEN Payment Gateway for your e-commerce store

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