Documents we may request when registering a ZEN Business account


What documents should I prepare when applying for a ZEN Business account?


When you apply for a ZEN Business account, we may ask you to provide one or more of the documents below:

  • Representatives identity documents (e.g. ID Card, Passport, Residence Card, Driver's License - a full list of supported identity documents is available here),
  • Company registration certificate (e.g. Certificate of incorporation),
  • Proof of the business activity of the Company (e.g. Invoices from suppliers / Agreements with clients),
  • Confirmation of the operational address of your Company (e.g. Lease agreement for operational address / Confirmation of rent payment),
  • Documents confirming your Company's source of funds,
  • Other documents, depending on the requirements of the specific account application.

You do not need to send us the above-mentioned documents unless we have asked for them in an email or when filling out an account application. We will be sending the list of necessary documents for your Company's application to the email address provided in the application form. Please remember to check your Company's contact email, including the SPAM folder for details.

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