I received an e-mail "Update to Our Pricing Policy"


I received an e-mail titled "Update to Our Pricing Policy" on the 8th of July 2024. Can I learn more about the changes?


On September 6th, 2024, ZEN is updating its pricing with 2 changes:

  1. Updated Card issuing limits - covers the amount of free ZEN Cards you may order with your active ZEN Plan:
    • Current pricing (until 5.09.2024): "Limit includes active cards and inactive cards which were ordered in a given calendar month"
    • New pricing (from 6.09.2024): "Limit includes all issued cards that have not expired."
  2. Fee for handling high-risk transfers - all bank transfers to selected recipients handling cryptocurrencies, loyalty programs, or investment products will incur a fee of 0.3% of the transfer amount. The list of recipients affected by this fee is available here.

These changes will come into force automatically on 6.09.2024 - there's no action required from your side.

See the currently effective price list here

See the price list that will be in effect from September 6, 2024, here

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