Restricting ZEN Card


How do I restrict or delete a ZEN Card? Can I reactivate the card after it was restricted or removed? Will refunds be processed for restricted or deleted cards?


If your card has been stolen or lost, an unauthorized transaction has been detected or the card has been taken over by an unauthorized person, it will be necessary to restrict your card.


Restricting the card is irreversible. It cannot be undone and the card is permanently removed. If you restrict your card and it is added to Apple Pay or Google Pay, it will be deactivated in both services.

To restrict your card using the app:

  1. Log in to the ZEN app.
  2. Go to the Home screen (leftmost screen).

  3. By swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen, you will expand the card section view.

  4. Select the card you are interested in, then press the icon located in the top-right corner:

  5. Click on "Remove card", then confirm it by pressing "Yes". Now ZEN card is permanently deleted.

After removing the card, refunds coming to it will still be processed.

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