Amount charged by ATM was bigger than cash received


What to do, if when withdrawing money from an ATM, the amount charged from my account was bigger than the cash amount I received? Did the ATM charge an additional fee?


In addition to the ZEN plan fees, ZEN does not charge any other fees or commissions for ATM withdrawals. However, if you were charged such a fee, it is likely because of one of the following situations.

  • ATM networks, both in your home country and abroad, may impose additional fees for using their terminals - this is called a surcharge. When withdrawing funds, you should always make sure that the ATM does not charge additional fees. The easiest way to verify this is on the transaction summary before it is approved - the payout amount will be increased by the commission value. If the information was not displayed and the fee was still charged, please contact us to resolve the matter.
    The surcharge is completely independent of ZEN.
  • Another additional cost that you may face that depends on the ATM network is DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion). This option converts the transaction into the currency chosen by you. It does not necessarily match the currency of your card. The currency is exchanged at the rate used by the merchant of the transaction, not at attractive ZEN rates. To avoid additional DCC costs, always choose the local currency of the country you are currently in. This way you will avoid an unfavorable, up to 15% higher currency conversion. Before making each transaction, information about the costs and the exchange rate should be displayed.

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