Fees for ZEN account card top-ups


Are there any fees for ZEN account top-ups using a bank card?


There may be fees connected to card top-ups. Fee rate depends on the type of card (individual or business card), the country where the card was issued (European Economic Area* country or non-European Economic Area country), and the top-up currency. The exact amount of the fee is presented in the ZEN app before each top-up.

Currently, the fees for direct card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay top-ups are:

Plan Fee for card top-up from EEA* individual cards for all customers Fee for card top-up from non-EEA* individual cards and all business cards for all customers
Free 0.50% 3.00%
Gold 0.00% 2.75%
Platinum 0.00% 2.50%

The full fee amount is always shown in the ZEN app before confirming the top-up. Full ZEN Pricing is available here.

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* Information on European Economic Area (EEA) countries is available here (external link).

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