Issues with BLIK code top-up


I'm having issues with ZEN account top-up via BLIK payment method.



You can only top-up PLN currency using the BLIK code. Not all banks in Poland allow their customers to top-up their ZEN account with a BLIK code. Remember that according to ZEN Terms for Individual and Business Users, you can top-up your account only with a payment instrument issued in your name and surname. Topping up your ZEN account using other people's methods, like another person's BLIK code, may result in account blocking. If you need to receive funds to ZEN from other persons, please use ZEN Buddies, Bank Transfers, or Card Transfers available in the app.

If your account has not been topped up after entering the code, check that you entered the correct code from your bank's app and that you confirmed the transaction in your bank's application.

If the problem persists, please contact your bank's Customer Service.

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