Order a virtual card


How to get a virtual card?



Currently, you can order MasterCard cards only. ZEN does not issue Visa cards.

To order a new virtual card, press this link on a device with the ZEN app installed, or follow this tutorial:

  1. Log in to the ZEN app and then go to the accounts view. By swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen, you will expand the card section view.
  2. Press the plus icon to start the process. There are various types of cards to choose from in the next step, select "Virtual Card" and press “Add card”.
  3. At the very end, the screen will show you a summary of information about your order. If everything is correct press “Confirm and order”.
  4. The application will ask you to set a 4-digit PIN code for your card, which will allow you to make transactions. Enter it twice to confirm and avoid mistakes.
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