Card transaction refunds


Can I get a refund to my ZEN Card? How long does the refund of card payment take? Will my refund reach my account if I restrict my card?


You may get a payment refunds to ZEN Card from merchants. The fastest way of getting a refund is to contact the seller or store directly. ZEN Support Team cannot cancel pending card transactions - if your payment status is showing as "Pending" in the ZEN app, only the merchant in which you made a purchase can cancel the payment.

The refunds made by merchants are usually processed in up to 14 days. If this time has passed, please ask the merchant for the ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) to be able to track the refund process.

Your card refund will be processed even if you restricted or blocked your ZEN Card in the meantime.

If your card transaction status is already "Completed", you may also use the ZEN Care refund option in the ZEN app. You need to have an active Gold, Platinum, Smart, or Enterprise plan to be eligible for the ZEN Care Shopping Protection service.

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