My phone has been lost or stolen


What to do if my device was lost or stolen? How can I block my phone if I can't find it?


If you were using an Android device

You can lock your phone anytime using the Android Device Manager (external link). If you can't find your phone or it's been stolen, you can use Find My Device to locate, lock, or wipe it.

If you lock your device, no one will be able to use Google Pay on it.

If the device cannot be located, the Google Pay data can be removed so that no one can access it. When you find your device, unlock it and add your card or card details again to use Google Pay.

Google Pay doesn't store your real ZEN card details on your phone, so no one who finds or steals it will have access to it, even if your phone is unlocked.

Remember that if you lose your phone or ZEN Card, contact us immediately and we will secure your account.

If you were using an iOS device

Go to your Apple ID account in Settings or use Find My iPhone (external link) to temporarily suspend or permanently remove Apple Pay from your device. Log in to your Apple ID account and click on your device. When prompted, go to the Apple Pay section and click "Remove" or "Remove All". Your cards will be temporarily suspended or removed from Apple Pay, even if your device is offline and not connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

You may also contact us and request a temporary suspension or removal of cards added to Apple Pay.

See also: Temporary blocking of the ZEN card, Restricting ZEN Card

Use of physical ZEN cards after suspension/removal from Apple Pay and Google Pay:
When you suspend or remove a card from Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can still use your physical card. Blocking or removal from Apple Pay and Google Pay only causes the inability to perform transactions using your mobile device.

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