About ZEN Care Shopping Protection


How does ZEN Care Shopping Protection work?


If you paid with a ZEN MasterCard® and something went wrong, for example, you're unable to reach the seller or get them to see the problem, ZEN Care is here to help you.

ZEN Care is a service for Gold and Platinum plan users that offers a simple returns and refunds policy and instant resolution when something goes wrong with a card transaction. To send a ZEN Care request, open the ZEN app, go to the Wallet page (center screen), and swipe the screen from bottom to top to open the transaction history. Find the card transaction you are having issues with, tap "Get Help" and then select "ZEN Care".

After starting the ZEN Care process, describe your problem, and attach documents that may be helpful for us. We will keep you updated via e-mail about the progress.

ZEN Care Shopping protection applies to all your purchases paid for with ZEN Mastercard® for the entire purchase (no installment or Buy Now Pay Later options) and without intermediaries (transactions via PayPal, Curve, etc. are not covered by ZEN Care Shopping Protection). The number of requests to ZEN Care depends on your selected plan. Please check our pricing for more details.

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