My transfer didn't reach the recipient


What can I do if my transfer does not reach the recipient? What should I do if my transfer has returned to my account?


If the transfer you sent from ZEN did not reach the recipient, here are some reasons why this may have happened:

  • Transfer may still be on its way to the recipient - it has not been 3 business days since you sent it from ZEN. See: How long does it take to process my transfer?
  • Transfer was sent to the wrong account number or the incorrect BIC/SWIFT code - verify the details of the account to which the transfer was sent. See: How do I create a payment or transfer confirmation?
  • Transfer was settled on the recipient's account in a different currency. See: My bank transfer from ZEN to Ukraine did not arrive to recipient
  • Recipient's bank blocked or rejected the transfer (for example, for security reasons or because it does not accept a particular type of transfer) - check in the recipient's bank whether the recipient's account supports the transfer type you sent.
  • The transfer has been stopped due to technical issues or security systems. Please check your e-mail inbox for a message from ZEN regarding transaction verification

A stopped or returned transfer should be returned to your account within a few business days.

You can send the recipient of the transfer a confirmation of the transaction from the ZEN app. With the confirmation, the recipient will be able to find the transfer in his account or contact their bank about it.

See also: What is a SWIFT and SEPA transfer, and how long do they take?, My SEPA/SWIFT transfer didn't arrive to ZEN

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