How to submit a claim request concerning AXA extended warranty?


In the event of a complaint regarding the additional warranty and cooperation with AXA, it is necessary to contact the insurer directly.

The AXA contact number for your country is available in the ZEN app:

  1. Log in to the app.
  2. Go to the right, to the Zenefits screen, and select the "Extended warranty" tile:
  3. Press the "Claim request" button at the bottom of the page:
  4. The ZEN app will display the AXA contact number appropriate for your country.

When contacting AXA, please have the following details ready:

  • Individual client - the first 8 digits of your card number and the name of your subscription plan (Changing monthly ZEN Subscription Plan),
  • Business client - the first 8 digits of your card number.
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