Possible transaction statuses for ZEN Payment Gateway orders


What does the status of my transaction via ZEN Payment Gateway mean?



This article covers transaction statuses for payments made via ZEN E-Commerce Payment Gateway. To check your transfer status in the ZEN app, please see this article: Checking the status of an outgoing transfer.

There are several possible transaction statuses when paying for an order using ZEN Payment Gateway in cooperating online stores:

  1. New/Waiting for payment – We’re still waiting for payment confirmation from the operator or the transaction was not paid for. If you were not charged, you’re free to retry. Unfinished transactions are considered canceled and we’ll not make any attempts to collect money for them.
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  2. Processing – The transaction processing has started but is not finished yet. This status will also be displayed in case of completed transactions for products or services that aren’t delivered instantly.
  3. Complete – The transaction was successfully processed by ZEN. Merchants will deliver your products soon and should be able to help with order-related questions.
  4. Refunded – The transaction was refunded either on your or the merchant’s request. Money will reach you back soon. Depending on your bank and payment method, this may take 3 to 28 business days.
  5. On Hold – The "Hold" status should tell you that your order needs additional verification from our side. Please keep an eye on the email used for the transaction for updates.
  6. Rejected/Declined – the payment was declined due to security or payment method limitation reasons. If funds are on hold in your bank they will be automatically returned by your payment institution during the next settlement period.
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Before retrying the payment or placing another order, always make sure about the status of your previous attempt to avoid accidental multiple orders.

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