Depositing cash to ZEN account


How may I deposit cash into my ZEN account?


There are several ways to deposit cash into your ZEN account. You may be charged a fee for cash top-ups. The fee depends on the ZEN subscription plan you choose (see also: 'What are ZEN subscription plans?').

Deposit at a Planet Cash ATM (available only in Poland for PLN currency and ZEN physical cards)

  1. Find your nearest Planet Cash deposit machine here (external link).
  2. Insert your physical ZEN card into the ATM.
  3. Enter the deposit amount, and insert the cash into the machine.
  4. Keep the printed confirmation. Within an hour, you will receive your deposit confirmation in the form of a notification from the ZEN app.

In-store deposit

You may deposit cash to your ZEN account in PLN in Poland using card deposits supported for example by Żabka stores in Poland.

  1. During shopping, inform the cashier about the cash deposit to your card.
  2. The cashier may ask you for additional data, like an Identity Document.
  3. After verification, give the cash to the cashier and keep the printed confirmation of the cash deposit.
  4. Transaction will be performed and within an hour the funds will be credited to your account.

PaySafeCash deposit

  1. Find your nearest PaySafeCash-enabled outlet here (external link). You may choose another country to search at the bottom of the page.
  2. In the ZEN app from the start screen, go to the left and tap on the currency you are interested in. Then select the "Top Up" button and "PaySafeCash" as the payment method at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Generate a barcode and save it by emailing, texting, or downloading it to your mobile wallet. You may also print it.
  4. Go to a PaySafeCash-enabled outlet and let the salesperson scan the barcode. Pay the amount due in cash - done!

See also: 'Top-up your ZEN account'.

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