Changing monthly ZEN Subscription Plan


How can I change the monthly ZEN Subscription Plan? How do I cancel the monthly ZEN subscription? How may I upgrade my account to another plan?



Self-service change of plan is only possible on ZEN standard plans (Individual: Free, Gold, Platinum. Business: Smart, Enterprise. If you need to change your special plan on Business account, please get in touch with us in ZEN app support chat (open the link from your mobile device, we usually respond within 2-3 minutes) or by email at (we usually respond within 24 hours).

To change your standard ZEN Subscription plan in the app, click this link on a device with the ZEN app installed, or follow the steps below:

  1. From the ZEN app start screen go left - to the screen with main account currencies - then press the Settings button in the top left corner:

  2. In the ZEN app settings, choose the "Pricing plan" button:

  3. Make sure that you have enough funds in your ZEN account to cover the monthly fee for the new plan, then confirm the change.

If you're upgrading from the Free plan to Gold or Platinum plan (or from Smart to Enterprise plan), the change will be made in a few minutes. If you're downgrading from the Platinum or Gold plan to Free plan (or from Enterprise to Smart plan), the change will be made at the end of your billing period shown in the ZEN app.

See also: About ZEN subscription plans, ZEN Pricing for Individual Clients.

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