My SEPA/SWIFT transfer didn't arrive to ZEN


Why didn't my SEPA/SWIFT transfer arrive at my ZEN account yet? What happened to my transfer?


Some payment methods, mostly international bank transfers (like SEPA or SWIFT), may take up to 3 business days to process because of settlement periods and security proceedings on the payment institutions' end.

Quick tip

Business days are from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

If you're waiting for a transfer, please ask the transfer sender for a transfer confirmation from their bank. When you receive the confirmation, please check:

  • Settlement date on the confirmation - it shows when the transfer left the other institution.
  • Account number to which funds were sent - SEPA transfers must be sent to a number that starts with LT, BIC/SWIFT code is BZENLT22. SWIFT transfers must be sent to a number that starts with GB, BIC/SWIFT code is TCCLGB3L.

If 3 business days have passed since the settlement date, please contact the sending bank to locate the transfer. Only the sending bank is able to track the transaction.

Do you need help? We are always here for you:

When contacting the ZEN Customer Support Team about a missing transfer, please send us the transfer confirmation with all of the following details visible in one photo or PDF file:

  • Account number and name of the sender.
  • Your name and account number provided by the sender.
  • Settlement date.
  • Amount and currency sent.

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