Cancelling a ZEN Buddies transfer


How can I cancel ZEN Buddies transfer?


ZEN Buddies transactions are processed internally and can be sent between ZEN users.

If you send a ZEN Buddies transfer to the wrong number of a person who's not using ZEN, the money should be returned to your ZEN account in up to 3 days in full amount. When a ZEN Buddies transfer is canceled, it will change its status to "Rejected" in your ZEN app history and funds will automatically return to your account balance.

If your ZEN Buddies transaction is in "Pending" status, its cancellation may be possible via the ZEN Support Team by using the links below:

Do you need help? We are always here for you:

If your ZEN Buddies transaction has already been completed in the ZEN app, cancellation will not be possible. In such a case, please contact the transfer recipient to ask for a funds return.

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