Canceling SEPA or SWIFT transfer made from ZEN


May I cancel a SEPA or SWIFT transfer I made from my ZEN account? What to do if entered an incorrect account number or other incorrect transfer details?


Money transfers, after a client confirms the transaction in the app, are transferred directly to the payment operator who executes the transfer.

Unfortunately, SEPA and SWIFT transfers confirmed in the ZEN app cannot be canceled, including the ones whose status in the ZEN app is "In progress".

If the account number to which funds were sent does not exist, or a transfer reference number was supposed to be entered before sending the transfer, funds should be returned to ZEN automatically after a few business days. We recommend you contact the transfer recipient to ensure funds are returned as soon as possible.

If the account number is valid, a Recall Request may be sent by ZEN to the recipient's bank to ask for funds return. Such requests are only performed on a "best endeavours" basis as they require the cooperation of corresponding and receiving banks together with approval from the transfer beneficiary. Transfer recall requests may be sent 7 days after the original transfer sending date passes.

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