Difference between MasterCard MoneySend and topping up your account with a card


What is the difference between topping up ZEN with a card and transferring funds via MasterCard MoneySend to ZEN? Why was a 3% fee charged for my transfer to ZEN?


You can use your ZEN card for money transfers from banks and other financial institutions in Ukraine. You can also top up your ZEN account directly with your card, which is faster (and also cheaper).

How the MoneySend function works

Add your ZEN Card details to the "recipient" field of the transfer in your bank or other financial institution. Money will be sent to your ZEN MasterCard® and appear on your ZEN account. MoneySend transfers may be limited in amount due to internal regulations. In such a situation, you can try to make a transfer the next day.

Please note that the fee for MoneySend transfers is 3%.

How card top-ups work

Add your card as a top-up method, choose the desired currency, and specify the amount you want to transfer to your ZEN account. Your money will be converted to the selected currency at the rate specified in the ZEN app.

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