ZEN Buddies transfers


What is the ZEN Buddies transfer?


ZEN Buddies transfers are one of the transfer types processed internally in ZEN. It's a transfer to the phone number of another ZEN user. Both sender and recipient of ZEN Buddies transfers need to have Individual ZEN accounts.

To try out ZEN Buddies transfers:

  1. Log in to the ZEN app and select the currency on the Home screen.

  2. Press on the "Transfer" button.

  3. Choose "ZEN Buddies" from the transfer options.

  4. Provide the recipient's phone number registered in ZEN, enter the amount, and transfer reference. Done!

You may also send ZEN Buddies transfer to someone who doesn't use ZEN yet. They will need to open a ZEN account to receive the transfer.

How it works?

  • After confirming the transfer, the recipient will receive an SMS with instructions on how to receive the funds.
  • To receive the transfer, the recipient must open a ZEN account using the same phone number you sent the money to.
  • If he does not open the account to receive the transfer, funds will automatically return to your ZEN account after 3 days.

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