Why was my transfer stopped?


Before money reaches the recipient, it can pass through up to several intermediary institutions, including, for example, intermediary banks or payment operators. Each of these institutions has its own security systems, which are tailored to local or global threats and regulations.

ZEN, like any financial institution, also has a number of security systems. We take security matters very seriously.

There are many other reasons why we need to check payments, and below you can find some examples of them:

  • We have been contacted by an intermediary bank that needs additional information,
  • There may have been an error in the transfer data (e.g., the recipient's or sender's data are missing or incomplete),
  • We check that the money you send does not go, for example, to suspicious companies,
  • We protect you from falling victim to scammers and swindlers,
  • Your name may be associated with public figures (e.g. politicians or their families) and we need to monitor these individuals more closely.

Payment verifications are routine and can occur at any time. We value your patience and understanding during the verification process.

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