About identity verification in ZEN


Why should I verify my identity? What are the tips for successful identity verification? What are the possible errors when verifying identity?


ZEN is a financial institution, and one of the primary responsibilities of financial institutions is to determine who their customers are. This happens not only at the time of account opening but also periodically during an already-established relationship. Therefore, from time to time, our customers may be asked to answer a few questions or resubmit identity documents. Please note that the verification process is powered by the external service provider.

Verification tips:

  • make sure that the document you have matches the selected document type,
  • check that the data on the registration form matches the data on the document,
  • verify that the document isn’t damaged, invalid, or expired,
  • fit the document into the frame so that all four corners are visible,
  • do not scan the document and your photos in any other way (e.g., from a computer screen),
  • ensure the photo of the document is of good quality (the photo should not be blurry or out of focus),
  • place your face right in the indicated frame to scan it correctly,
  • do not cover any part of the document or your face.

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