What happens if I don't respond to messages sent by ZEN?


At ZEN, we play with an open hand - we want our customers to know how we do things. Many reasons why we may contact our customers relate to maintaining appropriate security standards, so if there is no response, we must take appropriate actions, such as:

  • Withhold until further notice or reject the payment,
  • Restrict the use of some functionalities in the application,
  • Stop the flow of money through the account,
  • Initiate additional verification,
  • Block access to the ZEN application,
  • As a last resort, close the customer's account.

There are two main reasons why we may take the above actions:

  • To protect our customers from dangers,
  • To comply with legal requirements.

If you notice that any of the above actions may apply to you, please check your email inbox and look for messages from us. Also check your "Spam" folder, as your email filters may have determined that messages from ZEN are unwanted correspondence.

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