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Can I cancel or return a card-to-card transfer?


Can I cancel or return a card-to-card transfer?


Card transfers are instant, so these transfers cannot be canceled or returned. Always make sure that the amount and details of the transfer are correct.

If you have sent a transfer to card by mistake:

  • we recommend contacting the recipient of the transfer and requesting a refund;
  • you can also contact ZEN Care for assistance.

ZEN Care is a service for Gold and Platinum plan users that offers a simple returns and refunds policy and instant resolution when something goes wrong with a card transaction. To send a ZEN Care request, open ZEN app, go to the Wallet page (center screen) and swipe the screen from bottom to top to open the transaction history. Find the card transaction you are having issues with, tap 'Get Help' and then select 'ZEN Care'.

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