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Why was I asked to re-verify my identity even though I am already a ZEN customer? What to do if face reverification fails?



This article describes the process of identity re-verification for clients who already have an active ZEN account. To read articles related to identity verification when registering for a ZEN account, please see this section.

For security reasons, additional verification is sometimes needed for customers who have already ZEN accounts. The process is intuitive and straightforward.

  1. After logging into the app, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to conduct the verification.

  2. It often involves taking a selfie again, which allows for the comparison of the customer's face with previously collected data.
    Good Lighting is Essential. Dark rooms and background light can make it difficult for us to see your face. It is a very common error but be aware that lighting should be in front of you (not behind) so that picture is visible. Besides this, keep your face in the white frame. Don’t wear glasses, headphones, masks, etc.

    Use a Good Camera and Internet connection. Sometimes, terrible camera quality and low internet speed are the culprits of a failed verification. An old smartphone with a low-quality camera can impact your picture’s quality. If you have a high-end device but still facing a picture quality issue, check the lens. Сheck the lens - it may be dirty. Apart from this, don’t forget to check your internet connection.
  3. The whole process is quick and usually doesn't take longer than a few minutes. 

  4. If for some reason verification fails, please follow the recommendations described in the article: My identity verification when logging in to my active ZEN account failed
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