Transfer money to Ukraine via PrivatMoney


How to transfer money to Ukraine? How does PrivatMoney work? How to send money from ZEN account to accounts and cards of Ukrainian banks?



Currently it is possible to send a transfer via PrivatMoney from a ZEN account to accounts and cards of Ukrainian banks. It is not yet possible to send a transfer from Ukraine to ZEN using PrivatMoney.

PrivatBank and ZEN provide the service of money transfers to cards of PrivatBank and other Ukrainian banks, as well as to account numbers of PrivatBank and other Ukrainian banks. You can send funds to your own card, support your relatives, or donate using the PrivatMoney system, and the fee for such transaction is only 1%. To send money:

  1. Open the ZEN app. If you don't yet have the ZEN app, download it from the App Store or Play Market, and sign up.
  2. Select the account from which you want to send the transfer (currently you can send a transfer from PLN, EUR, or USD accounts).
  3. Tap ‘Transfer' and then 'Transfer to card' or 'Bank transfer' (transfer to IBAN account number).

  4. When sending via "Transfer to card", select "Add a beneficiary" and enter the card number of a beneficiary. When sending via "Bank transfer", enter the beneficiary's IBAN account and check that PrivatMoney is specified in the "Transfer type” section. Read more: Which bank cards and accounts can be used to transfer and receive money via PrivatMoney?, What are the limits for money transfers via PrivatMoney?
  5. Enter the transfer amount, check the data, and confirm the transfer.

  6. Money transfer is credited within 15 minutes.
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