• My top-up was rejected due to 3DS or my bank's regulations


    What should I do when my top-up gets rejected with a message about 3DS or bank contact?


    Here are the most common resolutions to this type of situations:

    • Contact your bank and ask if additional verification is needed. Banks implement various ways of securing your funds, sometimes you need to assure them you authorized the transaction.

    • Check with your bank if your card supports 3DS service. 3D Secure is a safety measure that requires you to complete an additional verification step to confirm your payment. Not all payment cards will support this service.

    • Inform that you want to whitelist the card. This means that you give your permission for the Bank to allow further transactions to your ZEN account and not block them in the future. Remember that as a customer you have the right to manage your funds, and the Bank should ensure that you have this possibility.
    • Make sure you’re not using a pre-paid card. Pre-paid cards can be used in various situations but are not available for top-ups.

  • I don't see a particular top-up method in my app


    Why can't I see some of the top-up methods (e.g. BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay) in my ZEN app?


    If you don't see a particular top-up method in your account, it may be related to a few different reasons.

    • Some of the top-up methods (like BLIK) may only be available to clients registered in a particular country.
    • Top-up methods may also be temporarily disabled for a scheduled maintenance and other service improvements.
    • Some top-up methods (like PayPal) may not be supported yet - we're always working to bring as many payment methods to ZEN as possible!
    • Particular top-up methods may also be disabled on your account due to a business decision or if we detect, that it was misused, as stated in our ZEN Terms for Individual Users and ZEN Terms for Business Users.

    See also: Top-up your ZEN account

  • My top-up was rejected


    My top-up was rejected. Why?


    ZEN allows you to top up your account fast and safely in many currencies. The reasons for rejection of account top-up may be:

    • insufficient funds on the account from which the transaction was initiated;
    • third-party service limits;
    • ZEN top-up limits. See also: 'What are my top-up limits?';
    • automatic control systems assume that the deposit is made using a payment instrument (for example, a card) issued in the name of another person. See also: 'Top-up your ZEN account'.
  • Issues with BLIK code top-up


    I'm having issues with ZEN account top-up via BLIK payment method.


    If your account has not been topped up after entering the code, check that you entered the correct code from your bank's app and that you confirmed the transaction in your bank's application.

    If the problem persists, please contact your bank's Customer Service.

    mceclip0.pngRemember - you can only top-up PLN currency using the BLIK code. Not all banks in Poland allow their customers to top-up their ZEN account with a BLIK code.

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