• I paid with ZEN Card but the transaction is not completed yet


    Why is my card transaction "Pending"? What is a card transaction blockade? Can the card purchase processing be completed or canceled sooner? After how long card transactions are settled by merchants?


    "Pending" is a term referring to the procedure that occurs after you make a transaction with your card. This process consists of four steps.

    1. Payment: When you pay for something with your card in-store or online.

    2. Authorization: ZEN checks if your card is valid, whether you are authorized to use it, and whether you have sufficient funds in your account to cover the transaction.

    3. Blocking of funds: If everything is okay, ZEN blocks the amount equal to the transaction value in your account. This means that these funds are temporarily "reserved" and you can't spend them on something else.

    4. Settlement: Finally, the bank transfers the blocked funds to the recipient's account. This is the settlement stage.

    The blockade is established to lower the available balance on your account right after the transaction is made. After it's established we have to wait for the merchant to send us the settlement request. When we receive the settlement request, we remove the blockade, and the transaction is settled.

    If you notice that the balance of your account is reduced by the transaction value, but the transaction does not yet appear in your account history as "completed", it means that your transaction is in the merchant's settlement process. Usually, the whole settlement process takes up to 10 days, in exceptional cases up to 31 calendar days.

    Processing time depends on the merchant to whom you paid. When a card transaction is pending, ZEN cannot complete or cancel it earlier.

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  • I don't recognize a card transaction


    What to do if I see a card payment I don't recognize in my ZEN transaction history?


    If you do not recognize the transaction, block your card as soon as possible. Click here to learn how to block the card. Also, check if you have recently activated a paid subscription.

    You can contact ZEN Support, who will help you verify transactions on your account. To report a transaction to ZEN Customer Support:

    1. In the transaction history, go to transaction details.
    2. Click on "Help".
    3. Select "Contact support" - you will be redirected to chat with our consultant.
  • Card transaction refunds


    Can I get a refund to ZEN Card? How long does the refund of card payment take? Will my refund reach my account if I restricted my card?


    You may get a payment refund to ZEN Card.
    The fastest way of getting a refund is to contact the seller or store directly.

    You may also use the ZEN Care refund option in the ZEN app if you have an active Gold or Platinum plan.

    The refunds made by merchants are usually processed in up to 14 days. If this time has passed, please ask the merchant for the ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) to be able to track the refund process.

    Your card refund will be processed even if you restricted or blocked your ZEN Card in the meantime.

  • My card transaction was rejected


    Why was my card purchase rejected? Why cannot I pay in merchant?


    When you notice that your card payment has been rejected, one of the following reasons could have been the cause:

    If none of the examples above is the cause, don't worry! Contact us and we will help you find the reason.

    Do you need help? We are always happy to help you in ZEN app support chat (open the link from your mobile device, we usually respond within 2-3 minutes) or by email hello@zen.com (we usually respond within 24 hours). When you contact us via e-mail, please send your message from the email address linked to your ZEN account.

  • What are the limits on card transactions?


    What are the limits on card transactions?


    Standard (can be changed) and Maximum (can not be changed) card limits for purchases and ATM withdrawals:

      Standard (can be changed) Maximum (can not be changed)
    Purchases (for cards which settlement currency* is EUR) up to 10000 € per day up to 30000 € per day
    Purchases (for cards which settlement currency* is PLN) up to 30 000 PLN per day up to 120 000 PLN per day
    Purchases (for cards which settlement currency is GBP) up to 10 000 £ per day up to 30 000 £ per day
    ATM withdrawals (for cards which settlement currency* is EUR) up to 2000 € per day** up to 30000 € per day
    ATM withdrawals (for cards which settlement currency* is PLN) up to 2000 PLN per day** up to 120 000 PLN per day
    ATM withdrawals (for cards which settlement currency* is GBP) up to 2000 £ per day** up to 30 000 £ per day

    * The card settlement currency is the default currency assigned to the country of your card from which the funds are first debited (eg. For PL card it is PLN currency, for DE card it is EUR currency).

    ** You can only change the physical card limits by yourself in ZEN app. You can change the virtual card limits by contacting customer support.

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  • I exceeded the limit of PIN attempts. What to do?


    I entered the wrong PIN for my card 3 times. What happens to the card? Will I be able to use it?


    After entering an incorrect PIN code three times while withdrawing money from an ATM or making a payment. Your card will be temporarily blocked.
    The blockade will disappear the next day (from 00:01) allowing you to enjoy using your card again.

    If you have forgotten your PIN code, here's how you may check it.

    If you need to make a payment during a temporary card blockade, you may use another ZEN Physical or Virtual card. ZEN cannot unblock the card earlier due to security reasons.

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  • How does automatic currency conversion work?


    If the funds on a given account are insufficient to complete the transaction, the missing part will be automatically debited from EUR, USD, GBP, or PLN accounts. All you have to do for the automatic conversion to work is to have funds in your EUR, USD, GBP, or PLN accounts. ZEN will check the EUR account first, then USD, then GBP, and finally PLN and take the funds from the account where there are enough funds.

    For example:

    • Anna wants to pay for purchases in PLN. However, she does not have a sufficient amount on her PLN account. The missing funds will be converted automatically. ZEN will check the EUR account first, then the USD account, then the GBP account and take the funds from those accounts one by one to ensure that there is enough money to cover the transaction.
    • Charles does shopping on eBay. He wants to pay in USD, but there are no funds in his account in this currency. ZEN will automatically convert his funds by checking his EUR account first, then GBP, and then PLN. Funds will be withdrawn from those accounts where there are enough of them.

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  • Can I make contactless payments with ZEN card?


    ZEN cards enable users to pay contactless quickly and conveniently. To pay, all you need to do is hold the card in the proximity of the POS terminal. Sometimes you will be asked to type your PIN code.

    Making contactless transactions is:

    • Quick: You just need to hold the card in the proximity of the POS terminal. For smaller purchases, you don't even need to enter a PIN.
    • Convenient: no need to look for coins in your wallet. We always have the exact amount of money for contactless payments.
    • Safe: ZEN card transactions are completely safe thanks to our monitoring systems that work 24/7.

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