• My payment via ZEN Payment Gateway is processing for a long period of time


    Why has my payment via ZEN Payment Gateway been processed for a long time? I've paid with Sofort or Trustly, but my transaction is not completed yet in ZEN Payment Gateway - what happened?


    It may occasionally happen that bank transfer processing is delayed from 24 to 72 hours (business days only) due to Sofort's and Trustly's internal security proceedings. The transactions initiated over the weekend will be processed on the upcoming business day. This means that the overall processing time may be extended in such cases. Business days are as follows: Monday - Friday.

    The processing time frame may also be extended if your purchased product or service can’t be delivered instantly. In such a case, the transaction status in ZEN will be shown as "Completed" and you should reach the merchant directly.

    See also: My transaction via ZEN Payment Gateway was declined

  • Using ZEN checkout


    How to use the ZEN payment gateway? How to use the ZEN Pay feature?


    If you want to use ZEN's payment gateway, select it as your preferred payment option on the website of the ZEN cooperating store, or on this page. The system will guide you through the fast and secure process of finalizing the transaction with your chosen payment method.

  • My transaction via ZEN Payment Gateway was declined


    Transaction via ZEN Payment Gateway for my order is rejected. What should I do?


    The first thing you should do is check if the payment method you’re using doesn’t have any limitations for online or international transactions.

    If your transaction is rejected multiple times, ZEN recommends directly contacting your bank (for card and bank transfer payments) or selecting a different payment method at the checkout.

    Do you need help? We are always happy to help you in ZEN app support chat (open the link from your mobile device, we usually respond within 2-3 minutes) or by email hello@zen.com (we usually respond within 24 hours). When you contact us via e-mail, please send your message from the email address linked to your ZEN account.

    When contacting ZEN Support Team about a transaction made via ZEN Payment Gateway, please make sure to include the following information in your message:

    • The transaction ID from ZEN email/order number from the store (preferably in a text form);
    • The email address used for the transaction;
    • A screenshot showing confirmation for the payment, including the date and amount from your bank;
    • Hash ID and destination wallet address in case of a cryptocurrency payment.

    See also: My payment via ZEN Payment Gateway is processing for a long period of time

  • Possible transaction statuses for ZEN Payment Gateway orders


    What does the status of my transaction via ZEN Payment Gateway mean?


    There are several possible transaction statuses when paying for an order using ZEN Payment Gateway in partnering online stores:

    1. New/Waiting for payment – We’re still waiting for payment confirmation from the operator or the transaction was not paid for. If you were not charged, you’re free to retry. Unfinished transactions are considered canceled and we’ll not make any attempts to collect money for them.
      See also: My payment via ZEN Payment Gateway is processing for a long period of time
    2. Processing – The transaction process has started but is not finished yet. This status will also be displayed in case of completed transactions for products or services that aren’t delivered instantly.
    3. Complete – Transaction was successfully processed by ZEN. Merchant will deliver your products soon and should be able to help with order-related questions.
    4. Refunded – Transaction was refunded either on your or the merchant’s request. Money will reach you back soon. Depending on your bank and payment method used, this may take between 3 to 28 business days.
    5. On Hold – The "Hold" status should tell you that your order needs additional verification from our side. Please keep an eye on the email used for the transaction in the meantime for updates.
    6. Rejected/Declined – the payment was declined due to security or payment method limitation reasons. If money was reserved it will be automatically returned by your payment institution during the next settlement period.
      See also: My transaction via ZEN Payment Gateway was declined

    Before retrying the payment or placing another order, always make sure about the status of your previous attempt to avoid accidental multiple orders.

  • I was charged twice for same order via ZEN Payment Gateway


    What to do if I see 2 transactions via ZEN Payment Gateway in my bank statement, but I placed 1 order?


    If you tried to pay for the same order multiple times (for example, because of errors during payment), the unfinished transactions may be displayed as pending in your bank statements.

    As long as the transaction has not been authorized and is only pending blockade, there is nothing to worry about. Your bank will automatically return funds for unfinished payments during the next settlement period.

  • My order placed via ZEN Checkout wasn't delivered


    I paid for my order via ZEN Payment Gateway. Why wasn’t my product delivered yet?


    If you used ZEN Payment Gateway to pay for your order in one of ZEN's partnering stores, but your order has not been delivered yet, please check the status of your transaction via the email from ZEN you received when starting the transaction (See also: Possible transaction statuses for ZEN Payment Gateway orders).

    If after checking the transaction status you see that the transaction was completed, but you haven't received your purchased products yet, it’s best to check your product delivery status directly with a customer support team of the website you were purchasing from.

    ZEN Support Team is here to help you with any payment-related issues that may arise. However, please keep in mind that we are not the ones who sell or deliver the products. Therefore, for the most accurate and up-to-date information about your product delivery, it's always best to reach out to the customer support team of the website you made the purchase from.

  • My preferred payment method isn’t displayed in ZEN Checkout


    I want to use a payment method which isn’t displayed for me during order via ZEN Payment Gateway, what can I do?


    Payment methods visible in the ZEN Payment Gateway may depend on your region and merchant preferences. If a payment method isn’t visible for you, it means that it is either unavailable for customers from your country, or the merchant did not enable this method for their store.

    We apologize for the inconvenience - in such a case, you’ll need to pick one of the payment methods available for you.

  • How is ZEN Payment Gateway storing my data?


    Data we receive from your payment institution is the minimum information required to securely process your payment. As a licensed financial institution under the supervision of the Central Bank of Lithuania and approved by the European Banking Authority for 31 countries, ZEN attaches utmost importance to data security.

    You may always see our Privacy Policy and Terms for Single Transactions (via ZEN Payment Gateway) under the links below:

    If you would like to receive detailed information on data processing, feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer at dpo@zen.com.