• How does instant cashback work?

    If you use ZEN card to pay for transactions with selected partners, the cashback up to 14% will be returned to your account up to 15 minutes after the transaction.

    All you need to do is make a purchase with a ZEN card through a dedicated link to the store which is available in the mobile application.

    You can follow the list of partners in the mobile application.

    mceclip0.pngRemember! If you want to receive the cashback, do not switch between cards or applications on your phone and finish the transaction within 24 hours from opening the link or sending it to another device.


  • Is the cashback applicable for in-store purchases?

    Unfortunately not. Cashback is applicable only for the purchases you make online using a dedicated link to the partner store in our application. 

  • Is the list of cashback partners the same in all countries?

    Unfortunately not. The list of partners are different for each and every country.