• Top up your ZEN account with BLIK


    Can I deposit to my account using BLIK?


    See also: 'Can I pay via BLIK in the ZEN app?'.

    To top up your ZEN account using BLIK:

    1. Open ZEN app, tap on the account and then on 'Top up'. Using BLIK you can only fund your account in Polish zloty (PLN).
    2. Tap on the menu of possible ways to deposit funds and enter the top-up amount. Minimum amount of deposit via BLIK — 29 Polish zloty (PLN).
      Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 17.31.13.jpeg
    3. Select BLIK from the list provided.
    4. Enter the 6-digit BLIK code provided by the service provider (in the bank's or financial institution's app) with which you are depositing.
      Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 17.34.06.jpeg
    5. Confirm your BLIK payment using the service with which you are depositing.
    6. Your account must be funded instantly. Also see: 'My incoming or outgoing transaction seems to be stuck', 'My top-up was rejected'.
  • My top-up was rejected


    My top-up was rejected. Why?


    ZEN allows to top up your account fast and safely in many currencies. The reasons for rejection of account top-up may be:

    • insufficient funds on the account from which the transaction was initiated;
    • third-party service limits;
    • ZEN limits for how much you can top up and on how many top-ups you can make. The limits are set to create a safe and reliable financial ecosystem for our users and cannot be changed. You can't currently see them on the website, in ZEN app, or get them from support chat. You can also reach Zen Care and we'll try to help increase that limit. This usually involves providing additional information and can take a few days.

    In the meantime, if your top-up was rejected, consider trying a smaller amount or using a bank transfer.

    You can also reach Zen Care and we'll try to help increase that limit. This usually involves providing additional information and can take a few days.


  • Wise top-up didn't arrive, what happened?

    Wise top-up transactions may take up to 2 business days to process due to the settlement procedure on the Wise's end.

    Unfortunately, even though ZEN sends your money instantly, we're not able to speed up Wise settlement.


    Quick tip: Business days are from Monday to Friday.

  • Why I can't see my top-up credited to my account?

    Top-up, like any other transaction, might be verified a little bit longer than usually. It is totally normal. 

    If the top-up is not visible on your account after one hour, contact us. 

  • Issues with BLIK code top-up

    If your account has not been topped up after entering the code, check that you entered the correct code and that you confirmed the transaction in your bank's application.

    If problem persists, please contact your bank's Customer Service.

    mceclip0.pngRemember! You can only top-up PLN currency using BLIK code.

    Not all banks in Poland allow their customers to top-up of their ZEN account with a BLIK code.

  • What type of cards and currencies are accepted?

    You can top-up your ZEN account using any Visa or Mastercard card in every currency available on your account. 

  • Are the any fees for card top-up?

    Top-ups are free, but only up to a certain amount per month. The amount depends on your ZEN subscription. You can check all the details here.