• How to submit a claim request?

    Before submitting a claim, please contact our Customer Care team. There is always a chance that your problem may be solved right away!

    However, if you have not been able to solve the problem without submitting a complaint, before submitting your application, prepare:

    mceclip0.png A detailed description of the entire reportable matter.

    mceclip0.png Documents, scans, screenshots containing additional information, e.g. correspondence, receipts that you have obtained.

    You can send your complaints to hello@zen.com, indicating in the subject line that your case is a complaint.

    mceclip0.pngRemember to send such an email from the address associated with your ZEN account. Otherwise, the application will not be properly accepted.

    After submitting the complaint to the appropriate team, you will receive a return confirmation with a number for your case.

  • How to submit a claim request concerning AXA additional warranty?

    In the event of a complaint regarding the additional warranty and cooperation with AXA, it is necessary to contact the insurer directly.

    Contact number for AXA:

    mceclip0.png Polish hotline: +48225298527

    mceclip0.png English hotline: +33123123123

    When contacting AXA, please have the following details ready:

    mceclip0.png Individual client - the first 8 digits of your card number and the name of your subscription plan (the plan will appear when you use the "warranty" service)

    mceclip0.png Business client - the first 8 digits of your card number

  • How fast will ZEN process your claim?

    We process complaints immediately, subject to Point 12 of the General Conditions of the ZEN User, no later than 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

    If we are unable to respond to your complaint within 15 working days for reasons beyond our control, we will send a notice to your e-mail address, clearly indicating the reasons for the delay in responding to the complaint and specifying the date on which you will receive a final response.

    The deadline for receiving the final reply does not exceed 35 business days.

  • What should a proper claim/complaint contains of?

    When submitting a complaint, it is worth providing a detailed description of the problem so that ZEN has the necessary information to clarify the matter and can respond faster.

    The content of the complaint should include:

    mceclip0.png Description - as accurate as possible. In the case of possible financial complaints regarding transactions or fees, the amount and date of the described event should be provided.

    mceclip0.png Necessary attachments -  if you have any relevant attachments, please attach them to the application.

  • Is it possible to appeal against the decision?

    If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you can apply to the Lithuanian Financial Supervisory Authority of the Bank of Lithuania (Žalgirio str. 90, 09303 Vilnius, Lithuania; www.lb.lt) to resolve the dispute.

    A complaint in Lithuanian language may be submitted to:

    mceclip0.png Via the E-GovernmentGateway electronic dispute resolution gateway;

    mceclip0.png Through the consumer's application form, which should be sent to the supervisory unit of the Bank of Lithuania, by letter to the following address: Žalgirio90, 09303 Vilnius, Lithuania, email: pt@lb.lt,

    mceclip0.png By making a written notification and submitting it to the supervisory unit of the Bank of Lithuania by post to the following address: Žalgirio. 90, 09303 Vilnius, Lithuania, email: pt@lb.lt.

  • Can I cancel already submitted claim?

    Contact us via hello@zen.com or by replying to the e-mail that was sent to you with your case number.

    Give us the number of the application and information why you want to cancel the complaint. Upon receipt of such information, we will close your case.