• What are the limits for transactions?


    What are the limits for transactions (top-ups, transfers, purchases and ATM withdrawals)? Can I change them?


    Top-up limits

    There could be limits for how much you can top up and on how many top-ups you can make. The limits are set to create a safe and reliable financial ecosystem for our users and cannot be changed. You can't currently see them on the website, in ZEN app, or get them from support chat. In the meantime, if your top-up was rejected, consider trying a smaller amount or using a bank transfer.

    You can also reach Zen Care and we'll try to help increase that limit. This usually involves providing additional information and can take a few days.

    Purchases, ATM withdrawals and card to card transfers limits

    Standard (can be changed) and Maximum (can not be changed) card limits for purchases and ATM withdrawals:

      Standard (can be changed) Maximum (can not be changed)
    Purchases (for cards which settlement currency* is EUR) up to 10000 € per day up to 30000 € per day
    Purchases (for cards which settlement currency* is PLN) up to 30 000 PLN per day up to 120 000 PLN per day
    Purchases (for cards which settlement currency is GBP) up to 10 000 £ per day up to 30 000 £ per day
    ATM withdrawals (for cards which settlement currency* is EUR) up to 2000 € per day** up to 30000 € per day
    ATM withdrawals (for cards which settlement currency* is PLN) up to 2000 PLN per day** up to 120 000 PLN per day
    ATM withdrawals (for cards which settlement currency* is GBP) up to 2000 £ per day** up to 30 000 £ per day

    * The card settlement currency is the default currency assigned to the country of your card from which the funds are first debited (eg. For PL card it is PLN currency, for DE card it is EUR currency).

    ** You can only change the physical card limits by yourself in ZEN app. You can change the virtual card limits by contacting Zen Care.

    The limits are calculated based on the number of the card you’re sending the transfer to.

      Limit per one transaction (cannot be changed) Limit per time period (cannot be changed)
    Card to card transfer, receiving account is a consumer card account (full name of the sender is different than full name of the recipient) $5,000 $10,000
    Card to card transfer, receiving account is a consumer card account (full name of the sender is the same as full name of the recipient) $25,000 $50,000
    Card to card transfer, receiving account is a commercial card account (full name of the sender is different than full name of the recipient) $25,000 $50,000
    Card to card transfer, receiving account is a commercial card account (full name of the sender is different than full name of the recipient) $25,000 $75,000
    Card to card transfer via PrivatMoney €700 € 9000 and 30 transfers per month, € 5000 per week, $2000 per day

    Transfer limits (including card to card transfers, SEPA transfers, ZEN Buddies) for customers with Ukrainian ID

    Maximum limits (can not be changed):

    Transfers (incoming and outgoing) €2000 per day, €5000 per week
  • My incoming or outgoing transaction seems to be stuck


    My incoming or outgoing transaction (ZEN buddies transfer, IBAN transfer, Card to card transfer, cryptocurrency transfers, top-ups) seems to be stuck.


    There are various ways to transfer money and cryptocurrencies. Please keep in mind that the term of crediting money or cryptocurrency could take up to 10 days depending on the selected transfer method as well as the specific financial institution involved in the transfer process:

    To create a safe and reliable financial ecosystem for our users, some transactions require additional verification and manual acceptance. If the transaction is not completed within the above timeframes:

    1. Check the status of the transaction in the service you used to make it. If you initiated the transaction in ZEN app, check the status in the transaction history (about steps of a transaction — "I paid with ZEN card but the transaction is not completed yet.").
    2. If the transaction is not completed in a third-party service — contact the support of such service.
    3. If an incoming transaction is completed in a third-party service and not completed in ZEN app, contact Zen Care
    4. If an outgoing transaction is not completed in ZEN app, contact Zen Care using "Contact support" button in transaction details in transaction history.

    Important: once a request is created, it may take a few days for the transaction to be verified. We will send you a message if we need more information and as soon as the verification is complete.

  • Additional account verification


    Why was I asked to re-verify my identity? What to do if reverification fails?


    Additional customer verification is sometimes necessary for security reasons. The process is intuitive and straightforward.

    1. After logging into the app, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to conduct verification.

    2. It often involves taking a selfie again, which allows for the comparison of the customer's face with previously collected data.
      Good Lighting is Essential. Dark rooms and background light can make it difficult for us to see your face. It is a very common error but be aware that lighting should be in front of you (not behind) so that picture is visible. Besides this, keep your face in the white frame. Don’t wear glasses, headphones, masks, etc.
      Use a Good Camera and Internet. Sometimes, terrible camera quality and low internet speed are the culprits of a failed verification. An old smartphone with a low-quality camera can impact your picture’s quality. If you have a high-end device but still facing a picture quality issue, check the lens. Сheck the lens - it may be dirty. Apart from this, don’t forget to check your internet connection.
    3. The whole process is quick and usually doesn't take longer than a few minutes. 

    Important. If for some reason verification fails, don't worry, you have a few more attempts to try. If multiple attempts fail for various reasons, your account will be temporarily blocked for security reasons. However, we'll do our best to help you and you will receive instructions to your e-mail address on how to verify in another way. This email will contain a link to a form where you can report a problem. It usually takes a few days to process your ticket, no additional action is required on your part. If we need more information, we will email you.

  • Why was my access to some or all functionalities limited?

    Our role

    Every day, financial institutions process billions of transactions, card payments, returns, customer data changes and generate millions of bank statements. At the same time, people who want to use financial systems for illegal purposes try to bypass security systems or expose other people to financial losses.

    Therefore, ZEN, like any other financial institution, is obliged to take all possible steps to ensure that customers' money deposited in their accounts is safe.

    At ZEN, we focus on experienced people and effective security systems. We use the best ideas and innovative solutions, all so that you can fully feel ZEN.

    But in order for financial institutions to effectively protect our money, they must comply with regulations. Together with regulatory authorities as well as with other financial institutions, a number of rules have been created to be able to function safely in the financial ecosystem.

    The financial ecosystem

    The financial ecosystem is not only money, transfers and banks. The financial ecosystem is a set of all those who participate in the money exchange process, including: payment institutions, online stores, providers of various types of services, such as streaming services, ATMs, cash deposit machines, payment brokers, payment card issuers, cryptocurrency exchanges, Stock Market and...  every customer, that is, each of us.

    An attack or abuse against one element of the financial ecosystem affects other elements. Therefore, several parties may react to such attacks or attempts to exploit the weaknesses of the financial ecosystem. All of this to protect each other, and above all, to effectively protect each client, each person, your data, your money and trust given.

    How do we protect you and your money?

    It should be remembered that in order to effectively defend against attacks by cybercriminals and fraudsters, financial institutions sometimes have to act preventively. We also introduced rules to protect our customers from abuse, they are included in our Terms of Use.

    Therefore, in some cases there is a possibility where, in order to investigate or prevent a situation, we may limit access to accounts or functionalities. Automatic systems verify millions of transactions and customer activities, trying to detect activities that do not comply with established rules, stop suspicious transactions etc.

    Security systems act like the human immune system that reacts when something bad happens in the human body. When our organism is not working properly or something threatens us, we do not feel good about it. But then everything goes back to normal.

    Why do we limit access to accounts?

    At ZEN, we do everything we can to help you get the most out of your account, Zenefits, Extended Warranty or ZEN Care, but sometimes we need to take extra steps.

    In our regulations, we have listed types of behavior that expose our clients to various risks, and we have also provided a few examples because we know that no one likes to read terms ;) You can find them in the "Suspension of your ZEN Account" section. As a result of the actions listed in the Terms, we can decide to temporarily or permanently limit access or some features of the app. Exemplary reasons for imposing restrictions may be different e.g.:

    - when activity has been detected that indicates the possibility of taking over access to the account by unauthorized persons

    - suspicious transactions have been noticed

    - currency speculation has been detected (ZEN is not a platform to profit from currency trading)

    - accounts are created for the resale of subscription profiles

    - when we detect activities that evade the law or expose other entities from the financial ecosystem to losses (such as if gainful activity based on extortion of benefits have been detected)

    - breaking the regulations of business partners with whom ZEN cooperates within the financial ecosystem

    These are just some of the examples. Remember that if you are not sure whether a given provision may apply to you, you can always contact us at hello@zen.com and our team will provide you with all answers and explanations so that you can safely use your ZEN account.

  • Why cannot I change my phone number?

    Following the safety of our clients, the phone number associated with ZEN account can only be changed after 14 days since the account creation.Changing your phone number in the app is restricted for security reasons. Therefore, to change your phone number, you need to wait 14 days. We understand that this may be inconvenient, but it's a step we take to ensure the protection of your account. The safety of our customers is our top priority.

  • How to withdraw cash?

    You can withdraw cash at any ATM all over the world. ZEN does not charge any fees or commissions for that.

    However, be aware that ATM networks, both in your home country and abroad, may impose additional fees for using their terminals - this is called surcharge. When withdrawing funds, you should always make sure that the ATM does not charge additional fees. The easiest way to verify this is on the transaction summary, before it is approved - the payout amount will be increased by the commission value. If the information was not displayed and the fee was still charged, please contact us to resolve the matter.

    Surcharge is completely independent from ZEN.

    Other additional costs that you may face that we have no power over are DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion). This option is converting the transaction into the currency chosen by you. It does not necessarily match the currency of your card. The currency is exchanged at the rate used by the merchant of the transaction, not at attractive ZEN rates. To avoid additional DCC costs, always choose the local currency of the country you are currently in. This way you will avoid an unfavorable, up to 15% higher currency conversion. Before making each transaction, information about the costs and exchange rate should be displayed.

  • Where can I find account numbers?

    ZEN provides account numbers that can be used to make a money transfers to your ZEN account.

    To check the account number, log in to ZEN app, and then go to the account view. Select the currency “bubble” you are interested for, and your account number for selected currency will be visible there.