My ZEN card did not arrive


What can I do if my physical card didn't arrive? How can I see which courier is delivering my card and which address was it sent to?


First of all, check whether you have ordered a physical card (see: How to order a physical card?). If you have only ordered a virtual card, it should be immediately available to you in the ZEN app.


Currently, delivery tracking is available in the ZEN app for cards sent via FedEx to Polish addresses. In such case, the tracking number will become available for you within 2 business days of ordering the physical card. We do not yet offer delivery tracking for cards sent via Polish Post (Poczta Polska) to Poland, or DHL Global Mail to other countries.

You may see further information about your card's delivery by pressing the "Delivery details" button in your card's settings.

When viewing delivery details, you can see the name of the company delivering your card and the address to which the card was sent. For FedEx, the "Track your shipment" button will also be visible.

The physical card should be delivered to you within 21 business days. If after 21 business days, you still haven't received your ZEN card, contact us via in-app chat (click this link on a device with the ZEN app installed) to restrict your card and waive the fee for a new one.

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