My top-up was rejected due to 3DS or my bank's regulations


What should I do when my top-up gets rejected with a message about 3DS or bank contact?


Here are the most common resolutions to this type of situations:

  • Contact your bank and ask if additional verification is needed. Banks implement various ways of securing your funds - sometimes you need to assure them you authorized the transaction.

  • Check with your bank if your card supports 3DS service. 3D Secure is a safety measure that requires you to complete an additional verification step to confirm your payment. Not all payment cards will support this service.

  • Inform your Bank that you want to whitelist the card. This means that you give your permission for the Bank to allow further transactions to your ZEN account and not block them in the future. Remember that as a customer you have the right to manage your funds, and the Bank should ensure that you have this possibility.
  • Make sure you’re not using a pre-paid card. Pre-paid cards can be used in various situations but are not available for ZEN top-ups.

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