I don't see a particular top-up method in my app


Why can't I see some of the top-up methods (e.g. BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal) in my ZEN app?


If you don't see a particular top-up method in your account, it may be related to a few different reasons:

  • Some of the top-up methods (like BLIK) may only be available to clients registered in a particular country.
  • Top-up methods may also be temporarily disabled for scheduled maintenance and other service improvements.
  • Some top-up methods (like PayPal) may be disabled if your account is connected to cryptocurrency exchanges. Disconnect your cryptocurrency exchange account in the ZEN app (when choosing PayPal as a top-up method) to use PayPal x ZEN top-ups.
  • Some top-up methods may not be supported yet - we're always working to bring as many payment methods to ZEN as possible!
  • Particular top-up methods may also be disabled on your account due to a business decision or if we detect, that it was misused, as stated in our ZEN Terms for Individual Users and ZEN Terms for Business Users.

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