How does automatic currency conversion for card payments work?


If the funds on a given account are insufficient to complete the transaction, the missing part will be automatically debited from EUR, USD, GBP, or PLN accounts. All you have to do for the automatic conversion to work is to have funds in your EUR, USD, GBP, or PLN accounts. ZEN will check the EUR account first, then USD, then GBP, and finally PLN and exchange funds from the account where there are enough funds.

For example:

  • Anna wants to pay for purchases in PLN. However, she does not have a sufficient amount on her PLN account. The missing funds will be converted automatically. ZEN will check the EUR account first, then the USD account, then the GBP account and take the funds from those accounts one by one to ensure that there is enough money to cover the transaction.
  • Charles does shopping on eBay. He wants to pay in USD, but there are no funds in his account in this currency. ZEN will automatically convert his funds by checking his EUR account first, then GBP, and then PLN. Funds will be withdrawn from those accounts where there are enough of them.

Additional information

Automatic currency conversion works only for payments made with ZEN Cards. Other transaction types, such as international and local transfers, or cryptocurrency transactions do not support automatic currency conversion and require manual currency exchange in the ZEN app before making them.

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