What conditions need to be met to receive Instant Cashback or Moneyback?


To receive ZEN's Instant Cashback, you need to meet a few conditions:

  • Go to the partner's store by clicking on the link in the ZEN app,
  • After going to the store, do not switch between browser tabs/apps on your device,
  • Complete the transaction and make payment within 30 minutes of clicking on the link,
  • Pay with ZEN Card for the entire purchase (do not choose installment or Buy Now Pay Later options) and without intermediaries (cashback is unavailable for payments via PayPal, Curve, etc.),
  • Disable all ad blockers that may interfere with the order-tracking process,
  • Do not use alternative sites offering coupons, discounts, price comparisons, etc. - they may override the link from the ZEN app with their own order tracking,
  • Make sure that the merchant's category is not on the list of excluded categories for Moneyback.

Please note that 1 link you generate works for 4 hours and can only grant 1 cashback. If you want to place multiple orders in 1 store, you need to generate a new link via the ZEN app for every order you make.

If all the conditions are met, cashback for purchases will be automatically credited to your account within 30 minutes of payment. If the cashback has not been credited to your account after this time, there may have been technical problems. Please contact our customer service team to investigate what happened:

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